Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Slice of Life #31

Oh wow... is it already March 31st? Time flies by. It feels like it was February just yesterday. The power of time is daunting. Maybe sometimes time flies by so quickly and sometimes oh-so slowly because we made up the concept of time and we all control our own time. April 1st is coming up. April Fools...I never prank anyone but I just like to think of it as a fun day - even when I'm not at school. School pranks are obviously funnier than pranks pulled on family members. Not that I would do any of the sorts. Anyway... I loved doing Slice of Life. When I heard about it, I knew that this was a perfect way to communicate my feelings to the world easily. Thank you for reading my slices. I'm guessing this is goodbye, and farewell.
I hope you liked reading about my life.

"It feels right. But it's emotional. Saying goodbye to anything you've done that long is hard."
- Angela Ruggiero

Monday, 30 March 2015

Slice of Life #30

Okay. Have you ever laughed so hard that you couldn't stop laughing and laughing for hours?
That happened to one of my friends last year.
Join me in my storytelling. By the way, this is one of my favourite stories to tell.

So she was a friend we called 'Corn'. Maybe I'll get to that later. We were over at a sleepover, and there were 4 of us, including me. We were talking at night, and the host of the sleepover said something funny (I remember what she said, but I'm not going to write it). That, for some reason, cracked her up - maybe literally. She started laughing, and that was normal, right? We all laughed, but after we laughed, Corn was still laughing. We were getting worried, so we tried to make her stop laughing, but she just wouldn't stop. She rolled off the bed, hit her head against the bed leg, and was still laughing. The host pushed her into the bathroom, and when it sounded like she'd calmed down, we pulled Corn out of there - when she started laughing again. We got out of the room, leaving Corn, and went to the living room. The host's little brother was sleeping out there. We were quietly chatting when Corn came out of the room like a zombie, still laughing. We couldn't risk waking the host's little brother, so we steered her back into the room and locked ourselves back in there. She was now not laughing so much, so we just locked her in the bathroom before letting her back out. She'd calmed down, and we went to sleep shortly after.
The next morning - I don't know if she was acting - she didn't remember a thing from the night before.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Slice of Life #29

This one is just going to be full of jokes! Bad or not, here we go!

Are you cold? Just go sit in the corner. It's 90 degrees!

Beware of the octopus - it comes armed!

Lazy People Fact #5892501
You were too lazy to read that number.

A blind man walks into a bar... and a chair... and a table.

Daughter: Mommy, what is it like to have the most awesome daughter in the world?
Mother: I don't know. Ask your grandmother.

As I watched the dog chase his tail, I thought 'dogs are easily amused'. Then I realized I was watching the dog chase his tail.

I was wondering why the ball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

It's amazing how fast your mood can change after you step in some water with socks on.

Studying: the word is a combination of 'student' and 'dying'.

'Excuse me, can you repeat that again one more time please?'
So you want me to repeat it three times? How many times do you want me to repeat it?

'I just fell down.'
Oh yes. Tell me when you fall up.

From here

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Slice of Life #28

I'm addicted to Pokémon. I love Pokémon. I've completed Pokémon Platinum, and now I'm at the battle with Red in Soul Silver. My favourite Pokémon is Eevee, because it has, like, a million evolutions. Not really. It just has something around 8. Pokémon is my favourite game, and I once had a cousin sister who could finish a Pokémon game in 3 hours! Well, maybe it was something more like 13 hours, but she was really good at Pokémon. What's your favourite game? If you play Pokémon, what's your favourite Pokémon?

Friday, 27 March 2015

Slice of Life #27

I'd like to thank my friends. All of them. I'd thank all of them, but I'll do the ones I've been the longest with (basically friends I've had since elementary), and the ones that I cherish and wish I'd keep - or kept - forever. But to the ones I don't mention, just know that I love all of you. Don't feel left out or unwanted, please. Remember, you're still my friend, and I still care for you. Every one of you.

So first, to Kyorin, or 'Corn' as we called her, who left before Christmas. She was my best friend since I came to ISKL, and I'll always feel bad for how I treated her as I gained other friends. I left her out. I insulted her. I ignored her. I didn't like her. But she kept through with it, even until she left, where she must've hated me a lot. I'm sorry and thankful. That's what I have to say. She was a good friend, it's just that I started to dislike her - when I thought of how she started talking to me. Once again, I'm sorry and thankful.

Second, Nur. She was my second friend in ISKL. She still is. We were inseparable in 4th grade, then just a bit far away from each other in 5th grade, and now I feel like we're no more than class friends. However, I still am so very grateful for her existence. No one could replace you. No one can replace you. No one can be you, as my friend. We've gone through so much together, from 4th to now almost the kind of near end to 6th grade. From random glitter on your face to, well, almost nothing! I don't think we ever fell out over something, and I love our friendship for that. Thank you for letting me share your life, and thank you for sharing so many memories with me.

Third, Piper. We never were SUPER close, like Nur and I in 4th grade, but we are still friends. You were something along the lines of my 3rd proper friend in ISKL. At first, I have to admit, I stereotyped you. But now, I know you're something so much more than that. A sassy girl who can sometimes be such a softie. We haven't been together for long, but still, you are my friend, and a friend I am really thankful for.

Last but certainly not the least, Farah. We've been friends since the middle of 5th grade. I thought you were going to sit with the 'popular' girls, but you joined us. I forget if Nur invited you, or you decided to, but either way, I'm possibly MOST thankful for you. If I didn't befriend you, I don't know where I'd be. We were close in 5th grade - we went to the library together to talk, stuff like that, but at the beginning of 6th grade, we kind of drifted apart. But we got over it, and now we're one of the closest friends, or at least I think so. Thank you - I can't say that enough times for you.

We are all best friends. We are still together, no matter how far apart we may be. We are still friend sisters. We are still the 5 Elements.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Slice of Life #26

Time. It's something I've always been mesmerized by. Time sometimes seems to whip by like light, and sometimes it goes by painfully slow. For me, it's like Mondays and Tuesdays go by as slow as ever, but when it becomes Wednesday, I start thinking about Friday and how there's only so much time left until Friday. Then, I feel like I'm wasting time as I sleep and nap. That's why I don't like naps, as explained in my last SOL. Time is something I'm grateful for, but it's also a pain in the neck. I want to control time. Time sometimes seems wonderful, but when you make a mistake, you wish that time wasn't there and that you were time itself. Does that make sense? I don't know, I'm just having an existential crisis so I just wanted to write this.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Slice of Life #25

This is about my traumas. I'm scared of seafood, stairs and naps. Yeah. I have much more, like how I'm scared about heights and bugs, but those are way more common so I'm not including them. I'm also afraid of mirror reflections and the frequency of something matching with the frequency of the surface I'm standing on. I'm scared of seafood because one time, I ate a clam and I had to puke, and when I was a bit younger, I choked on a fish bone and my throat hurt for a long time after that - I never properly got the bone back out. I'm scared of stairs because when I was in Year 3, or 2nd grade, I tripped on my cello stopper while I was going down the stairs in front of a lot of kids, including my crush then, fell down the stairs, got bruises and scratches and broke my cello. Pretty traumatic for a 2nd grader. I'm scared of naps - or at least I don't like them - because when I fall asleep during the day, I feel like I'm wasting 1-2 hours of my life. Horrifying. I'm scared of mirror reflections because when I was younger, I had an overactive imagination (I still might have one), and whenever I went to a shopping mall, I would look down at the shiny tiles and the reflected light and other people, and I'd think of how maybe it was a gateway to another dimension and I would fall right through it, break my legs and die. Yeah. Finally, most of my other fears - including the one about frequencies, bacteria, mosquitoes, insects/bugs in general, hygiene and things like that is caused by reading too many science facts when I was a little kid. Books aren't always helpful. I can't even share a drink, share a bowl of food, soup, or anything like that now.